About OBA

Hello there! I’m Abe, a 27-year-old Ohioan writer and bibliophile. I’ve only made a small, relatively invisible mark on the world so far, but I am in possession of some leverageable qualities. For one thing, ever since I was fourteen, I’ve had an obsession with style–that verbal sorcery which many people speak of, but few can explain. In the course of obtaining an M.A. in English: Composition and Rhetoric, I feel I’ve become able to explain it in ways that are perhaps uncommonly precise. While exploring style as a concept, I’ve also searched far and wide to become familiar with as many sorts of style as I can, and have compiled a rather robust library of antique and contemporary books. I’ve belatedly decided to use my knowledge and my access to these books to win some renown for myself in today’s book world.